Sunday, August 5, 2007

Life Sketches

Those fast sketches that i did during our skecthing section. I might try to make it more finish or with color next time~~~

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun Characters

Recently our office is crazy about the game "guitar hero" then fren and me come out own character for guitar. This character i did for my manager,, to put into his yahoo avator. Welcome to join the guitar hero team......

Guitar hero,, rock!!! chjeng chjeng chjeng.......... It is a gif animated file,,but i think it's not working here.... too bad

This another devil design by my fren - yuco, she is very creative person. I just help up in coloring,,, ha,,i guess i am not devil enough , so not able to come out thise funny bad characters,,,, haa,,this character seem cool to me!!

JB Talk & Fun Part II

Some other picture for JB trip, the top 2 is during the talk, somehow just act cool and serious,,but actually is not. Ha, that day quite tired as have to rushing straight to the place after arrive the airport. Look tired, right?? as the bottom pics is when waiting at the Airport to back to KL,,, its is a cool restaurant that i hope in future time, i able to own a house/studio/ cafe like this. cheers..