Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sci fi Concept trying

This is the sci fi concept art i done after i back from CGoverdrive. It is quite a good conference that able to meet all the top artist in this industry... good inspiration. And i manage to come out this concept without any criteria, just try to do something sci fi, atleast is my 1st try. I try to come out more in the future, but you know what, ha,,maybe i am greedy person, i might try on another stuff at the same time as well.

This the character sniper. Just get an idea from friend next door , Jin(another artist who is doing game) to come out the character for a shooting game. We just like try to compete to each other, each of them come out few characters. this is my 1st character> Sniper. But, he is look alike the jurassic park character,,,:P after finished just realize it.

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Muid Latif said...

so in love with that conceptual art.. so nice lah Junning. Yeay!