Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pak Pandir - Local Folklore Characters Design

This is the Characters set I design for one of the local folklore story > Pak Pandir.
It is the competition held by my working company, and there is a character Pak Belalang
I did for them as a mascot as well for this competition. As I just a contractor for their project
, so luckly they allow me to participate but at the end I just get a consolation. It is ok to me,
because of this competition, I just able to force myself really come out a set design which normally i will just draw any character just for fun yet not in complete set.


Doum said...

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Akinol said...

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Salar said...

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Dumuro said...


Jocelynlai said...

browse the web and found out ur photo of that event..
nice drawing..
aza aza go go

QuaChee said...

love the pak pandir characters! :) you have a touch of global yet local.